Serving churches through Team Development, Communication Strategy, Strategic Planning, and Leadership Coaching

It's easy for pastors and churches to feel overwhelmed by the ever-increasing demand to be good at everything. Leading staff, preparing sermons, pastoral care, meeting with the elders, reaching out to the community, answering email, investing in your family, returning calls, making visits, resolving conflict, answering more email....this list goes on and on. 

What if there was a way for you to get on-going support without having to add a full-time staff member to your budget? 

Adam Bouse

I love helping churches create healthy teams, communicate effectively, streamline systems, and aim for meaningful goals at the heart of the mission. 

I spent four years working for the YouVersion Bible App, a ministry of Life.Church in Oklahoma City, the largest church in America. I have also been an associate pastor for a mid-sized church in Indiana where I led lay leaders, created systems, and focused on church engagement through effective communication.

Now, I am an executive coach and leadership developer, and recently completed my M.A. in Organizational Leadership at Huntington University and the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling

Experienced and flexible, I am here to serve you, your team, and your church in areas where you are looking for clarity, insight, and direction. 

I want you and your church to be thriving.

Here are special services I offer for churches:

Leadership Development (How do I keep growing? How do I overcome my own challenges?) 

  • Coaching and development for pastors and senior leaders (leadership, habits, conflict, and relationships)
  • 360 Reviews, personal goal setting, and emotional intelligence development
  • Communication assessments, practice, and development

Team & Employee Development (How do I help my team succeed? How do I grow my people?) 

  • Leadership development for staff and volunteers
  • Personality assessments
  • Emotional intelligence assessments
  • Performance management strategy
  • Employee engagement survey

Administrative Development (How do I create a system to lead the team and hit our goals?) 

  • Hiring and on-boarding
  • Performance management strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal setting (individual, team, and church) 

Communications and Technology (How do we communicate with our community?) 

  • Communications strategy (email, newsletters, website, social media) 
  • Social media strategy (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube)
  • Content development (blog, social media, newsletter, website)
  • Podcast setup and strategy
  • Bible App strategy (Events and engagement) 
  • Website strategy (and basic development) 
  • Workflows (using technology to simplify your systems and workloads) 
  • Church Management Systems

Workshops/Classes (How can we add unique learning opportunities?)

  • Living Your Purpose workshop - helping people find and live out their purpose
  • Emotionally Healthy Leadership book study - ideal for a team study 
  • Boundaries for Leaders book study - ideal for leaders of any kind
  • Identity and Personality workshop - a theologically-grounded experience 


  • Relief teaching/preaching for the weekend
  • Research and content development in support of other teachers/preachers

How Does It Work? 

I want to do things in the way that will help you most. 


I will serve you and your team through any and all of my services at a set monthly rate. Instead of picking one or two services, we agree on a set number of hours per month and then prioritize the specific goals and actions you want me to work on. Nothing is off-limits and we can develop a holistic strategy to see the change and growth you want to happen. You are essentially picking up a high-capacity, experienced part-time staff member without worrying about benefits and other formalities. 

What You Get

  • Unlimited access to all services listed above

  • Priority and direct access by phone, text, email, and video calls

  • On-site support as requested or necessary (on-site visits for long-distance partnerships determined in the contract) 

  • Monthly updates on work completed, progress toward goals, and future plans/recommendations

  • All-access Partnerships require a minimum of 10 hours/month and a three month commitment 

  • Free and early access to new workshops and curriculum in development 


Option 2 - Flexible PARTNERSHIP (A La Carte)

You may have a specific need -- a few hours of leadership coaching, a team assessment and workshop, improvements to your website, communication planning -- and we set our focus only on that need (or needs). We will create a limited partnership that just focuses on your specific needs and then get the job done. While still very helpful and effective, this partnership is more like a traditional contract or consulting agreement. 

What You Get

  • Access to all services listed above

  • Direct access by phone, text, email, and video calls

  • On-site support as requested or necessary (on-site visits for long-distance partnerships determined in the contract)

  • Executive summary report at the mid-point and completion of contracted work

  • Hours-per-month will be based on the nature and scope of the work being completed. 

  • Discounts offered for bundled services and offerings